The Feeling Is Mutual

Rolling Jubilee

The first time I heard the term “mutual aid society” was when it was used to describe the Rolling Jubilee, a project run by an Occupy spin-off called Strike Debt, that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it… creating, in their own small way, a bailout of the people by the people.

For the last few holiday seasons, the Bull Raker clan has donated to worthy causes in the names of our extended families, and I chose Rolling Jubilee this time around because I was won over by the creativity and efficiency of the project.  For each dollar collected, Strike Debt is able to abolish $20 worth of debt, thus highlighting the failures of our current economic and political systems. In a time when our elected followers are led by big money interests into crisis after pre-fabricated crisis (Or should I say cliff after fiscal cliff?), the Rolling Jubilee shows us how arbitrarily high debt can be and how utterly incapable our government is in assisting people who really need the help.

While mutual aid societies may not always be scalable (e.g. as successful as the Rolling Jubilee is, it can’t possibly abolish all bad debt on its own), they empower citizens to find creative solutions and build a better world. Now that’s something 99% of us should get behind!

Good Eats

Here’s an idea I have for a local mutual aid society:

It’s similar to but, rather than customers purchasing on-line coupons through a for-profit marketing company, they can buy them from a non-profit that would funnel its earnings into food banks and soup kitchens. This would create a system where those who are more fortunate can help feed the hungry, while saving money too. Do you have an idea for a mutual aid society? If so, please share!


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  1. bristolbullraker Says:

    Two more articles on striking debt…

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