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Making History

February 27, 2012

I promised my good friend Duncan Putney, co-writer of the screenplay that placed second in the Rhode Island International Film Festival’s Spotlight on RI contest, that I would pitch his latest project on the Bull Raker blog. I probably would have honored the request whether I liked his idea or not… But it helps that I do!

All too often we fail to recognize the efforts of older generations in shaping the world. And unfortunately, as time marches on, we lose more opportunities to connect with them, to learn from their failures, and to build upon their successes. Duncan hopes short films like Half Pint kickstart the conversations we ought to be having with our elders.

After all, what’s the point in making history if we can’t preserve it?


The Separation Of Church And Reality

February 12, 2012

There are lots of reasons why people, myself included, don’t particularly like President Obama. He fails to keep promises… um, except that one about expanding the war in Afghanistan. He’s backed (and led) by the 1%. Plus, he’s a socialist! Don’t I wish.

See, mixed in with all of the legit criticisms of our commander-in-chief are the ones that seem to come from the heavens — like the written statement by Bishop Tobin, which was given to Mt. Carmel churchgoers this weekend. The document was in response to Obama’s recent mandate requiring all private health care plans to cover FDA-approved contraceptives. Sparing the gory details about “pro-abortion” politicians who worship a “culture of death”, let’s just say the Catholic church feels the decision violates its freedom of religion. The bishop’s knowledge of the constitution, let alone his flock, must be based entirely on faith because there’s absolutely no truth to it.

The 1st ammendment guarantees us the freedom from religion as much as it does the freedom of religion. In other words, the separation of church and state cuts both ways and people (Catholics, non-Catholics and their doctors) should be just as free to choose contraception as they are not to choose them. This simple point, along with the fact that 98% of sexually active Catholic women of child-bearing age have used contraceptives, is lost on Tobin. I guess he would rather resort to unholy name-calling and political heavy-handedness than actually do his job. I mean, honestly, pro-abortion? Yeah, because, as all non-believers know, the only thing better than one abortion is two, right?

In what world, other than Tobin’s imaginary one, does simply forbidding people from doing evil suddenly make them good? The bishop would clearly be better served to practice what he preaches. If he’s truly opposed to a culture of death, then where are the statements condemning capital punishment or the longest war in US history? I’m afraid no amount of faith will make them miraculously appear. Fortunately, you can be a part of a more consistent pro-life crowd.

As for Obama, you know he’ll back pedal. That’s how he rolls, that’s why I didn’t vote for him and hopefully I won’t feel the need to stick up for him again. Remember to vote 3rd party in November!