Get Motivated!: Join The Peaceful Revolution

On Monday, Providence public schools were delayed two hours in anticipation of the traffic caused by a Get Motivated! motivational seminar. When the horde failed to materialize, the cynic in me saw the overreaction to a bunch of pro-corporate speakers as simply an unsuccessful commercial made by politicians who have already shown their willingness to allow private interests to take control of public education. But, just two days later, the optimist in me now sees crowds all over the country with enough motivation to put an end to the plutocracy and restart our democracy.

For example, the majority of Americans:

Isn’t democracy a great idea? So, while the mainstream media too often covers the fake news, join a global movement called Occupy Together that is growing exponentially. Find the nearest occupation site (in my case, it’s Burnside Park in Providence’s Kennedy Plaza) and help change the world!

4 Responses to “Get Motivated!: Join The Peaceful Revolution”

  1. Michael Byrnes Says:


    One could easly argue that the much feared Tea Party is more adept at changing the world than the OWS group. The occupiers seem to be coming a a good example for a screenplay for a Lord of the Flies production and not such a peaceful one at that.

  2. bristolbullraker Says:

    Having attended Tea Party and Occupy meetings, I can say with some certainty that rank and file members of both groups are angry about many of the same things. It’s how they’ve expressed their anger that’s the big difference. Unfortunately, many changes that the Tea Party is calling for will exacerbate the country’s problems… which may seem ironic until one realizes the group was co-opted long ago by disaster capitalists like the Koch brothers. So far, OWS has avoided being co-opted by similar forces and there’s a chance they won’t be (a recent poll showed that 70% of occupiers are independent).

    Not sure what you meant by the Lord of the Flies reference, but I think you’re confusing the broad spectrum of people in support of OWS and the legions of poor and homeless whom occupiers are feeding and sheltering at the various sites. Also, the only violence during the Occupy movement that I’ve seen have been against protestors. For example, just last week, an Iraq War vet had his skull fractured by a tear gas canister shot by Oakland police.

  3. Michael Byrnes Says:


    Sounds like you are reading from a script with the canard that the Koch brothers have co-opted the Tea Party. Is there evidence that this is the case? Also what do you mean by “disaster capitalists”?

  4. bristolbullraker Says:

    To say the Tea Party was co-opted is giving the movement the benefit of the doubt that it ever was completely grassroots. The Kochs have funded the group since the beginning. Here’s an interview that touches upon that:

    As an aside, here’s an interview that shows how the Kochs are involved in voting issues:

    This interview is with Naomi Klein who I believe coined the phrase “disaster capitalism” in her book, The Shock Doctrine. I have a copy if you’re interested in reading it. Not sure I’m in agreement with every link she makes, but the book is solidly researched:

    Hopefully, the rank and file Tea Party members become more aware of the influence that large donors are having on their group because I find they are often working against their own self-interests.

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