David Segal: Nobody’s Puppet

The 2010 campaign season marks the first time I’ve ever volunteered for a candidate. However, as critical as I am of politicians in general, I probably won’t be making a habit of it. So, what’s the exception? An exceptional candidate by the name of David Segal who’s running for Patrick Kennedy’s spot in the U.S. House of Representatives.

At last month’s televised debate at the Providence Performing Arts Center among Democrats vying for the District 1 seat, Segal easily emerged as the most honest and intelligent of the lot. While his opponents pretended to take a strong position against the seemingly endless military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, only David vowed to vote against additional funding of the trillion dollar wars and to vote for bringing our troops home immediately — because he’s the real deal.

A former third party candidate, Segal is an independent thinker who isn’t bought and sold like the many political puppets from across the spectrum who consistently side with Wall Street over Main Street.  His campaign has refused corporate donations yet continues to surge, picking up endorsements from grassroots organizations and everyday citizens who understand the only way to achieve real “hope and change” is by electing someone who’ll be brave enough to stand up to special interests.

I’m confident David will make us proud as Rhode Island’s next congressman, but don’t just take my word for it. Go to Bristol’s Agave Restaurant on Aug. 21 at 8 PM to meet David and learn more about his views on the issues, check out his website (www.votesegal.com), and don’t forget to vote for Segal in the primary on Sept. 14!

One Response to “David Segal: Nobody’s Puppet”

  1. bristolbullraker Says:

    David Segal will be in Bristol on Monday, September 6th
    (Labor Day) at the Green New Deal Picnic Tour from Noon-3:00 at Colt State Park.

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