More Israeli Propaganda In RI

The conflation of the defacement of a Warwick synagogue and a peace protest held in Providence against the deadly Israeli raid of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla continues. Nancy Kirsch, in the latest edition of the Jewish Voice and Herald of RI (JVHRI), attempts to merge the stories with a single headline. In addition, although the synagogue vandals had nothing to do with the protestors, her final paragraph in the second article refers back to the first. It’s a shame that some journalists would rather create their own narrative rather than just report on the truth.

In April, the East Bay Citizens For Peace hosted a talk by Jora Ehrlich entitled “Report from Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Palestine: A Jewish American Woman’s Eye-Opening Journey”. Prior to the event, JVHRI was asked to place the event on their on-line calendar and they refused. Apparently, Ms. Kirsch and her colleagues would prefer to keep their readers’ eyes closed when it comes to the questionable practices of the Israeli government.

There is a world of difference between graffiti-scrawling punks and peace activists who are genuinely concerned for the safety and well-being of all people (i.e. Jews and non-Jews alike). Standing up against violence and injustice in the Occupied Territories does not make one anti-Semetic. It makes one heroic… And no amount of Israeli propaganda will ever change that.

Join your local peace group and become a hero today.

One Response to “More Israeli Propaganda In RI”

  1. bristolbullraker Says:

    On July 22, JVHRI printed EBCP’s official response to the paper:

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