RI Antiwar Group Issues Statement On Recent Press Coverage

This is part of a statement made by fellow peace activists, the RI Mobilization Committee to Stop War and Occupation, on recent press coverage.

While the RI Mobilization Committee to Stop War and Occupation (RIMC) appreciates the coverage in the Providence Journal last week of our protest action regarding the Israeli attack against a Gaza aid flotilla, we strongly object to the reference to the protest in a June 3 article by Journal staffer Eugene Emery, about the anti-Semitic defacing of a synagogue in Warwick.

The Israeli massacre aboard a ship in international waters attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, has received worldwide condemnation, including a statement by the new Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain.  To link in any way our peaceful protest of this massacre on the high seas with the defacing of a local synagogue, was unfair and an instance of poor journalism.

We have every right to engage in protests against an unwarranted and vicious action by a foreign government without being gratuitously linked with a local instance of anti-Semitism.  This is unfair and insulting to our members, many of whom have made lifelong commitments to work for peace, freedom and social justice.  We request that the Journal issue a retraction and an apology for conflating two stories that were totally unrelated.

RI Mobilization Committee to Stop War and Occupation

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