Move Your Money

Lately I’ve been concerned with where I’ve been spending my money. By this, I mean the stores in which I shop, the products I purchase, and the companies and businesses I support.  Included in my money placement worries are banks and credit cards companies.  With the whole banking crisis in the news I realized I no longer wanted to support companies like Citibank or Bank of America.  They certainly didn’t want to support me either.  Since I already banked with a local credit union I spent some time looking for a better credit card. I’m not sure that I have found the best possible solution yet but at least it’s better than some of the other options.  If you’d like to learn more about why it matters tremendously where you bank check out  Move Your Money.

2 Responses to “Move Your Money”

  1. john mcdonald Says:

    Just wondering who you are, I thought my might know you if you were a bullraker i’ve been on the water for 25 years I probabably would have run into you by now.

    • bristolbullraker Says:

      No, John, I’m not a real bullraker… Though I do come from a family of fishermen. I’m really just a concerned citizen trying to dig through the political muck and make some sense of this world. Thanks for reading the blog!

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