Green Poop

Green For All

Before Quinn arrived we had this wonderful idea that we would use cloth diapers.  This sounded perfect for our environmentally concious lifestyle.  I researched all of the options and decided only 100% organic cotton was worthy of touching our baby’s bum.  I bought about 30 diapers from and thought I’d be all set until she was potty trained. These top of the line diapers were the requisite 100% organic cotton and came in three colors: yellow, blue and natural. Each has a snap-in liner and adjustable snaps that would keep Quinn comfortable throughout her diaper years. I soon learned that I would also need some sort of outer covering as these diapers had no waterproof layer. Trying to be all natural we decided on 100% wool diaper covers.

In reality the diapering didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped.  The diapers with wool covering were so thick they kept poor little Quinn from moving around.  When other 4 month olds were rolling around she was stuck laying on her back (or stomach if it was “tummy time”).  I quickly decided we were doing her a disservice and investigated other diapering options.  We really didn’t want to succumb to disposables and add pounds of trash to the land fill.  So search and search we did.

Soon we discovered gdiapers.  These diapers are flushable, compostable and absolutely wonderful.  They are comprised of an outer cloth layer, a snap-in plastic-y layer and then an insertable flushable/compostable pad.  We faithfully flushed the poop pads and composted the pee pads.  The only downside of these diapers was the cost of having to continually purchase the inserts.  But for what it made up for in Quinn’s comfort (and her ability to move) and ease of use  it was well worth it.  On the odd day that all of the covers were in the laundry we would often improvise and use one of the Ecobaby cotton diapers with the the gdiaper plastic-y layer and insert. We used these until she was about 2 years old and showing signs of potty interest.

Along the way we tried out a few other kinds of diapers too.  I was really curious about the all-in-one  (aio) style. www.nickisdiapers had a great selection. After using the the snap style from ecobaby I decided to try the velcro options (great choice as it can be closed at any increment).  I bought 4 different kinds: Imse Vimse organic cotton, Bum Genius 3.0, Bumkins (in super cute Dr. Suess One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish fabric) and Monkey Doodlez.

The Bum Genius 3.0 were by far my favorite. The ease of use was amazing and she stayed dry with no leaks or poopy blowouts.  They were a nice trim size so clothes fit over them very well.  Plus, they cleaned up beautifully with little to no staining.  If I were to do it all again I would buy these diapers or the gdiapers regardless of the fact that they’re not organic.  I really loved that they weren’t bulky. Poor Quinn, in addition to being immobilized by the cotton diaper and wool covering she looked like a huge sausage because they were so incredibly bulky!

Here’s the lowdown on the other three all-in-one diapers. The Imse Vimse were terrific in that she never leaked and that it was organic cotton. The downside was that they were quite bulky. The Bumkins were similar in bulkiness but not quite 100% leakproof. I have little good to say about Monkey Doodlez other than the very trim size.  But I think the size was part of the problem…they were so small that on occasion she would leak immediately.  Needless to say I tried to use this last kind as a last resort when all others were in the wash.

You might wonder what we used for wipes if we were this wacky over diapers.  Choosing wipes was actually quite easy.  I bought about 24 white wash clothes and a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s organic liquid castile soap.  I mixed the soap with water and put it in a small spray bottle.   Since Quinn was born we’ve been using these items as wipes.  They have worked really well and I plan on making the cloths in to rags once Quinn is completely potty trained.

No, my house doesn’t smell like poo and I don’t soak diapers or wipes.  Quinn’s diaper pail is a large stainless steel trash can with a flip up lid lined with an old pillowcase.  When the case gets full I just take it out, empty it all in to the washing machine, wash once in cold water and then once in hot water.  After that it all goes in the drier (other than the plastic-y gdiaper liner).

For us it was an easy decision…5000 disposable diapers added to the landfill or use cloth diapers.  We’ve been very happy with our choice even on those mornings when we’re scraping poop off the cloth and in to the toilet.

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